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2024 Summer HALF Flower Share
  • 4 weeks of swoony Vermont-grown flowers to inspire awe and incite joy. You can choose 4 weeks of bouquets in either July/August or August/September. Specific dates TBD based on what the summer climate brings. Pick-up will be Thursday afternoons (4-6pm) at Good Measure Pub & Brewery, Northfield VT.


    By making this purchase, I understand:  

    That I am making a commitment to support Moonlight Mountain Farm and to share in the rewards and the risks of the growing season. I understand that should there be crop failure, my share payment does not guarantee me an exact amount of flowers, and that I have committed to share in that loss with Moonlight Mountain Farm. I understand that my payments are non-refundable after 7 days from date of purhcase. It is my responsibility to pick up my share at the designated time and place. I understand that if I am unable to receive my share, I am responsible for contacting someone to gather my produce or it will be donated to a charity or composted.

    2024 Summer HALF Flower Share

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